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My Story

About the Girl is a beachwear business selling a range of bikinis, swimsuits and fabulous accessories, as well as a range of post-mastectomy swimwear and lingerie.

I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. After chemotherapy, radiotherapy and several follow up surgeries, including a mastectomy with a failed reconstruction, I am proud to now be over 15 years cancer-free!

I was only 31 when I was first diagnosed which at the time was really young for a breast cancer patient. Following my mastectomy, the options for suitable swimwear and lingerie were very limited. I struggled to find any beautiful designs or specialist items that would help restore some of my lost confidence. I eventually came across Seafolly, a gorgeous Australian company whose swimwear not only looked lovely but were well structured, padded and hid any imperfections. Not long after, I found ‘About the Girl’ - a company founded because of similar circumstances to myself.

I was delighted that a company had taken up the challenge of solving this problem for women like me! 10 years later and I am even more delighted that I am the proud owner of About the Girl and all that it represents.

It has been my dream for a long time to run a company like this and feel so strongly in helping women feel confident and stronger in themselves and their bodies. Hopefully, this will make our journey a little easier.

I have recently had a tummy DIEP reconstruction and even though I will no longer need pockets and prosthesis I will never stop wearing Seafolly swimwear and the beautiful lingerie that we sell.

About the Girl has 3 departments:

1) Beachwear and accessories for all.

2) Post-surgery beachwear. I am the only UK retailer that has permission from Seafolly to alter their bikinis and to sew pockets into them to fit a prosthetic breast. I am therefore in the unique position of bringing their most amazing range of swimwear to these post-mastectomy ladies.

3) Post-mastectomy lingerie. I want to provide underwear, that my old knicker drawer would be proud of! And so again I have searched the market to put together a range of underwear that will make post-mastectomy ladies feel like a woman again while working with their prosthesis