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Pocket Guide

Choosing post mastectomy swimwear and bras is not just about style and colour. And finding something that not only fits you but fits your prosthesis can be challenging, especially when you are looking on a website.  So we’ve put together a guide that will hopefully help…obviously there’s no substitute for try them on but this will give you an idea of the shape and structure of the pocket …and if you have ordered from us before you can quickly find items with the same pocket shape.

So here it is.

Pockets are divided into two main types;

Factory Fitted (FF) Just as it says on the tin, these are manufactured with pockets
ATG Fitted (ATG) Pockets are carefully sewn in by us. We try to ensure that the pockets are colour matched to the top of the garment to disguise any possible pocket showing when its being worn. And all stitching is hidden. Pockets are sewn into both sides…so you can feel confident even when its hung on the washing line to dry…no one will notice the pocket!

And then there are different shapes of pockets;

Factory Fitted Side Triangle FF Side Triangle These are pockets that have been included by the manufacturer but not necessarily for post surgery wear. So the pockets are usually slightly less deep and with smaller openings (these can often be cut open a bit). These pockets are great for those of us with a smallish cup size A & B (although I’m a C and I find they work but I usually buy a band size bigger to give more room) and work best with our swim beanies.
Factory Fitted Full Cup FF Full Cup Fully manufactured pockets that fit into a full cup garment. A generous style of pocket that fits most prosthesis and usually has good support with a back clasp fastening
Factory Fitted Full Cup with Under Band FF Full Cup with Under Band Factory fitted pockets that fit the entirety of the cup but less defined cup than the FF Full Cup. Cups are supported by an elasticated under band and this style is usually found in swimwear and vest tops . Again a generous pocket style that fits most prosthesis.
ATG U Shape Envelope ATG U Shape Envelope Our own design of pocket that fits our beanies. These pockets are fitted by us and allow you to slot in the appropriate size beanie into the envelope opening and the garment moulds around the beanie. Suitable for A-C cup swimwear (and possibly D if purchased in a band size one size bigger than your usual size). When the beanie is inserted in the pocket it may seem like it will never work as the beanie is sticking out the back of the cup, but give it a try as the swimwear will mould around it when it is on the body. Pocket is only suitable for beanies.
ATG Side Triangle A side triangle shaped pocket that is added by our lovely sewing ladies. Probably only deep enough for A & B cups (or C in a larger band size) Suitable for beanies but unlikely to work for other prosthesis.